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Do You Need UK Office Space?

Are you looking to lease, rent or buy office space in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin, Belfast, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol or other UK office space location?

Find office space for lease, rent or sale in London and UK
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If so, you've come to the right place!  Since our start in 1995, OfficeFinder™ has personally assisted requests from over 233,000 businesses looking for office space find the information and resources they need to not only locate the right space, but make sure they get the best deal possible.
Lease Office Space
For most UK office space tenants, leasing an  office is a major commitment. While the cost of leasing can significantly affect a company's profit, it also has many other consequences.  The more prepared a tenant is before starting the leasing process, the more successful the outcome.
Online Toolkit 
Information is power. The more an office user knows about the market and their needs, the more likely a successful lease or purchase outcome will result. We have the tools you need including our office space calculator, market information, checklists and much more to help you get the best deal.
Buying Office Space
Buying a building in the UK to house your business is a major decision. Careful market and financial analysis and negotiations are critical to a successful result. Our members are highly skilled and experienced to provide the tools and information needed to help make the best purchase decisions.
What is OfficeFinder?
UK Office Space Finder is a resource for office space users.  In addition to lots of useful information and free tools, we also have local UK  knowledgeable and experienced commercial property office tenant representation experts in over 550 markets worldwide -- both large and small -- who can answer your questions directly without obligation about your efforts.  If you want to lease office space or even buy an office building, we are the local experts with local knowledge who can not only help you find space, but make sure you get the best deal possible. No obligation.
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